Trashy and Rubbishy Electric Kettles ◔_◔

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We usually go through a couple of electric kettles a year. Maybe more.These consumer goods don’t seem to be built to last for very long. Funny that! It’s as …


weaton25 says:

I buy them from my local supermarket and I always keep the box and receipt
I find that if it stops working before I have had it for six months I take
it back and they give me a refund so I can buy another one last time I had
three before I got one to last the full six months I find that it is the
trip switch that they put in to stop it from overheating that is the
problem buying expensive s-steel ones makes no diference they still do not

Jean-Francois Prince says:

ya things are not made to last.. the point is to get them out on the market
asap and they don’t care if they break… its bad for the environment and
there’s a chance its bad for the body because some of the plastics leach
chemicals into the water you will drink! i would boil water on the stove
with a stainless one it lasts for years and years no pollution or health

Jean-Francois Prince says:

I thought the EXACT same thing after seeing that very video!! and i was
curious so i snooped around my house only my return pipes are PVC! also im
starting up my hydroponic garden and i found some with HDPE which is not
only very solid but safe for humans and I only drink out of my aluminum
water bottle! I think the world can be scary because I was having a
conversation on this subject and he told me to stop worrying the plastic is
harmless well I was rather disappointed after hearing that :/..

tylertyler82 says:

They make cars out of plastic now >:p

zuditaka says:

Well, my watercress is doing rather well in a plastic laundry basin. Wish I
had a bigger tub, now. Hope your hydroponic garden is really successful for
you! I see they grow vanilla bean orchids in Kew Gardens in the UK; so they
may do okay in Canada, too? 😉

YodaW19 says:

The point is that well known factories are producing high priced but low
quality products that last in days. It’s really shame as it happened to me
and God knows to how many consumers. Today well re-known factories are
producing pure junk that just luster from outside but are of inferior
quality from inside. It is not just this kettle that is of low quality but
many if not all domestic products are of such inferior quality. Shame on
these well re-known companies that drain our pockets.

zuditaka says:

What do you think of those people who use ordinary PVC plumbing pipes made
of plastic for their hydroponic gardens? I saw an interesting YouTube vid
of somebody making a “strawberry tower” hydroponic planter out of plastic
tubing. I can see it’s easy to work with, but it’s hardly “food grade”
plastic. And even food grade plastic can leach chemicals–like the plastic
linings in tin cans do–into food. :/

zuditaka says:

Yes, those chemicals from plastic that act like female hormones are leaving
more boys with slightly feminized genitalia. I have an electric jug–an old
ceramic one–that still works perfectly well, though replacement elements
are harder to find, nowadays. It’s around 50-yrs-old. It just goes to show
that things can actually be made to last!

zuditaka says:

Yes, I think they even use heat-proof plastics to line the engines with,
too–but not in the hottest parts of the engine. And, yes, I don’t know how
a “panelbeater” now “beats” plastic panels. Anyway, I’m still impressed
that my old fifty-year-old ceramic electric jug still works; but I don’t
use it often, lest the element burn out–and the elements are harder to
acquire and replace nowadays. Nice to hear from you again! ;)))

zuditaka says:

Well, our old ceramic electric jug still works, and it’s 50-yrs-old. I
don’t see too many plastic jugs lasting that long! I would prefer a plastic
kettle with a built-in whistle to tell me when to turn it off than one with
a flimsy and defective switch. That way I could simply unplug it when it
boils–just like in the old days. I look forward to your message, as I
wouldn’t mind paying more for quality. I also get cross about having to buy
one or two flimsy new space heaters each winter. Grrrrrr!

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