Cuisinart Blend and Cook Soup Maker Blenders (SBC-1000 ) Demo Video

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Learn more: You can cook homemade soups from start to finish or blend up your favorite smoothie with…


darick snodgrass says:

I bought mine and straight from the box the heating element didnt work.
Hopefully it is just a bad one. GL´╗┐

boneless9512 says:

can you make ice cream with it?

Mike Favorito says:

I wouldn’t see why you couldn’t, right ? I know you got no answer, but if
you can mix the ingredients and toss in the freezer, it should work.

LadyEe Bug says:

Thank you. Perfect viewing. You answered all the questions I had in mind.
Can’t see why anyone would want that other known brand. It’s just a
glorified mixer. You have to cook the food separately then add ingredients
to the mixer. Not what I was looking for as a soup maker. This is a real
soup maker:)

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