Texas Brisket – Easiest Smoked Brisket Recipe Ever!

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Total Cook for this brisket was about 9 hours. Salt, pepper, beef and low and slow smoke….what else could you want. I hope you give this easy brisket recipe a try.

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1 Brisket
Black Pepper
Wood for smoking – I used Hickory and Apple (would have preferred oak on this one)

Mix salt and pepper. 60% Salt and 40% Pepper. Sprinkle all over the brisket.

Stabilize grill temperature at 250. Cook for about an hour a pound. Wrap if the skin is getting dark. Cook until a toothpick slides right in.

“Dispersion Relation” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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frank ludwin says:

Cooked WAY too hot and WAY too fast. Amateur hour here….

mikeysclips says:

Smooth Jazz and brisket???? Seriously that looks DELICIOUS!

phobos57 says:

Looks simple except how much cook time per pound and when did you wrap it?

Thx1138sober says:

Contemporary light Jazz for smoking a brisket? Oh Hell NO! That's just wrong on so many levels. What are you going to serve with it? Oven-Baked Asparagus Fries and an Appletini?

Shoot1ngStar says:

That's a nice piece of meat. (no homo)

eyeball says:

Does the smoke actually infiltrate deep into the meat or is it mainly the outside surface that gets smoked?

rico The plug says:

I don't eat meat 😉 but this looks so good…

john baptist says:

what at the measurements amount of cook time you need to be more specific

Lyles BBQ Company says:

great recipe!

Robert Graham says:

Dude awesome!

August Correia says:

Never give up smoking brisket. It's about having fun cooking meat that normally would be tough. I have wrapped in foil when I didn't want my meat to get darker. I've seen videos brisket being cooked naked, wrapped in foil & wrapped in butcher paper. He felt the brisket cooked naked had the best flavor. He felt wrapped in foil was the moistest. Enjoyed your video.

Matthew Jackson says:

Wow, I knew that cooking brisket couldn't be all that hard to do. Your cooked brisket meat looks just as good , if not better, than any of the other so called "experts" have produced. Thanks for a great and simple video. I'm inspired, I can do this also.

Gary Burcalow says:

Fantastic color on that brisket! Nice smoke ring, and lots of moisture. I am hungry!

William Curtis says:

just saw the video, I smoked a brisket for 6 hrs, cut it down cross grain, and my wonderful wife baked it at 250 for 3 hrs, it was great, very moist and tender.

Barry Fields says:

Why was your chimney starter upside down?

Alejandro Mojica says:

veng se dieron garra

kbk011 says:

I've watched three videos now in the last half hour and yours was by far the best looking brisket. I wish I was your family member.

Land of The Undead son says:

That was loud, and country, but made perfect sense.

Lito Save says:

Overcooked shit

Charles Gorman says:

Great video. Music sounded like something from the Odd Couple TV show.

Valentino Falcon says:

how long did u smoke it

chiba babababavaba says:

Hey guys..How much foil should i use to wrap the meat??

Saul Flores says:

WTB – good job. I'm hungry now.

Rich Jack says:

Great video


Damn!!!!!! That looks delicious

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