Side-by-Side Waffle Maker Comparison

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In this video I compare the 800 watt Farberware 2 slice waffle maker with the 1100 watt Presto Flipside model. I used the same waffle batter for both machines. The Farberware model baked for 6-1/2 minutes while the Presto Flipside baked for 4 minutes.
Recipe used:
“Oh-Boy!” Waffles (from Better Homes & Gardens New Cookbook)
2-1/4 c. A.P. Flour
4 t. Baking Powder
3/4 t. salt
1-1/2 T. sugar
2 eggs
2-1/4 c. milk, (buttermilk can be substituted)
1/2 c. vegetable oil
In a large mixing bowl, sift all dry ingredients together, set aside. In a medium bowl, beat the eggs, then add milk and vegetable oil, whisk to combine. Add egg mixture all at once to dry ingredients. Whisk batter until moistened, it’s okay if it’s a little bit lumpy.
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Paula Johnson says:

Your waffles look delicious, but I could become addicted to them drenched in homemade butter. My favorite waffle maker was Mother's fancy chrome one made in the USA by Universal during or just after WW2. I think she gave it to a greedy relative after many years of flawless service. Don't remember what replaced it.
Terrified of waffle calories, my next buy will probably be a 7-in-1 Instant Pot to replace 3 aging appliances at year-end. In addition to being a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, sautee pan, etc., the hugely popular IP also pasteurizes milk and makes yoghurt for around $125 from Walmart. said a few days ago that the Pro 1200 is their best-selling blender, beating out their 1400-watt Versa which doesn't have the wide-base glass jar and 6-point reversing blade for $200+. However, the 1200's cost was increased by $20. Now it's sold in an $89.99 set with a sturdy, 5-cup food processor that's hard to get separately and a 24-oz travel cup. I have the whole rig and like it.

chesh kat says:

Mmmm. I think I want to make a double batch of Belgian style waffles for supper. Topped with some homemade whipped cream and strawberries. I'm wondering if I have the energy to make some spiced maple syrup as well.

Your waffle makers don't have browning adjustments? Including the Cuisinart?

I prefer the darker golden waffles. I like the crunch, and the flavor when it is a bit crispy on the outside. Also, since I like to drown my waffles in whipped cream or fruit, I don't want to have to rush eating my waffles before they get soggy. I don't use too much syrup at once, although I use it frequently, so that's the only time I don't mind waffles that are less crispy and a lighter golden.

When I'm stressed, I spend an obsessive amount of time watching waffle videos. I think they have become my favorite food because they are wonderful for elevating other foods like ice cream, fruit, poached eggs, bacon, cheese, etc. so a simple meal or snack becomes much more satisfying.

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