Seafood Boil Steamer Review :: Perfect for mukbangs + Making Seafood Butter Sauce!

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Hi Guys! Welcome back! Today Honey will be reviewing a Cuisinart seafood steamer and making a Seafood Butter Sauce. Don’t forget to subscribe and thumbs this video up! See ya next video!

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Hanging With Stephanie says:

It definitely looked amazing

Allan ASMR says:

aww I love the steamer.

Jay Let's Eat says:

yesssssss steamer is going on my Christmas List…..that food looked amazing

Gloria York says:

Good morning honey I enjoyed Your video keep up the good work and have a blessed day much love

Nettakake2 Palates says:

Food looked fantastic, wanted to see a mukbang…maybe next time

Dex says:

Yum! it looks so bomb

The Chomp Queen says:

Wait Honey, how can you be camera shy and not at the same time? Great steamer by the way. thsnks for sharing.

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