Gordon Ramsay Loves His Bamix

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Chef Gordon Ramsay discusses his love for the Bamix immersion blenders. These blenders are some of the best, powerful, simple to use, and are essential kitchen tools for anyone who loves to cook.

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The Bamix Professional is small but very powerful. This ultimate immersion blender offers a 150 watt motor that will deliver high performance & versatility for the home cook, making every blending task faster and more efficient. Whatever the task may be, pureeing to make soups, aerating, beating egg whites, whipping cream or chopping fruits & vegetables you will be amazed how fast and easy it is. The dry chopper will grind sugar cubes to powdered sugar in seconds. The maximized torque increases the blade rotation for smooth and steady blending for thicker mixtures. For easy cleaning, rinse the blending shaft attachments under warm running water.

The mincing blade will chop, mince, puree raw & cooked vegetables, fruit, berries, baby food, cooked meat, frozen fruit for ice-cream and more.

The beater attachment aerates, beats, blends egg-whites & cream and is used to whip up soups, sauces and everything that should be light & fluffy.

The whisk blade will stir, mixes shakes, drinks, purees, blends salad dressings, and will makes mayonnaise. This attachment will mix thick or creamy consistencies.

• 150 watt motor, Two speeds: 10,000 and 15,000 rpm
• Includes: 3 stainless steel blade attachments- mincer, beater & whisk, grinding processor, table/wall stand & recipe booklet
• Two switch speeds; speed I- is for light airy dishes and small amounts, speed II- is for firm ingredients and large amounts
• 5-3/8-inch long shaft
• Processor attachment will grinds, grates and chops nuts, herbs, grains, cereals and more
• Made in Switzerland; Three-year warranty on motor and 2-year on parts


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