Clean your Burr Coffee Grinder with Rice

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How I clean my burr coffee grinder with white minute rice.


soulsabr says:

Ah, the "how to void your warranty" video.

BossSpringsteen69 says:

Mmmmm…tastes like coffee and arsenic.

Lance Cummings says:

Do. Not. Do. This. Period.

obhobo says:

Please God have some ditz out there post a video putting a to-go container of steaming rice from a chinese restaurant through their coffee grinder. Thanks in advance.

Cole Wiebe says:

Further to my previous comment… I recently invested in a brand new Breville Smart Grinder Pro, on the advice of my coffee supplier. (I'll admit that it sounded like very stupid advice, considering the problems with the first one.) Apparently, the real issue was that the clutch mechanism in the first roll-out was defective. No amount of cleaning and purging with rice or Grindz pellets, or testing different coffees, was ever going to remedy that bad clutch. I removed both burrs, and brushed out every last molecule of coffee, and the clutch still screamed as if it was clogged solid. According to my supplier, the new model has a different clutch, and I haven't had a problem since.

bob james says:

you fixed my coffee grinder, THANK YOU!!!!

Tom Bailey says:

Good idea,but I take mine to my garage and blow it with the air compressor.I am going to try the rice as the inner burr looks very clean
Thank You

Cole Wiebe says:

My coffee supplier freaked when I told him I'd used rice to clean the burrs of my Breville Smart Grinder Pro. Rice does clean the burrs, but apparently is much harder than coffee beans. I'm told it will seriously dull the burrs in very little time. I now use Grindz 'beans', a food grade professional cleaner designed specifically for cleaning coffee grinders.

Mr. R says:

To clean out the rice you add some peas and jerk chicken.

Chuck Norris says:

How do I clean out all that fucking rice left in there?

Chuck Norris says:

Shit, I can only get 2 minute rice!

Never Feed the Roaches says:

what is minute rice?

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