Air Fryer Toaster Oven Commercial (TOA-60)

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Tammy Hill says:

why is the chicken only at 3 lbs? OMG

David Bott says:

Ok, so we tried THREE of these…MAJOR BAD PRODUCT!!!

WOW…For such a company, they really have started to produce some poor products. When you hear the name Cuisinart you think quality product. But it seems that they really have been just trying to bang our products without a care of making it quality for the price point they charge. This TOA-60 is one such product. We had VERY high hopes for this unit as we were looking for a new toaster oven and we also wanted a Air Fryer, so this would solve our needs and save us space seeing we live full time in a motor coach. But what a let down.

Now we tried THREE of these units thinking that the first one was just defective…nope…same issue. We wanted to bake in it and thus decided to make some scones as a test. After letting it pre-heat to 350 for about 12 minutes or so, we put them in…within 8 minutes we needed to pull them out as they were starting to burn. So we then put in a oven thermometer and were shocked by the results. (So much so we made a video also.)

The oven was 500 degrees! It would go up to 500, drop to 350 and then go back to 500. It had no control over being able to keep a stable temperature at all. We were on BAKE mode. Thus no convection fan. In fact the temperature dial, a potentiometer, gets very loose once it heats up and I am guessing this is what is making for such issues. So loose you can tap it and it will spin down or up. Such poor components used.

All in all, the dials and controls are really poor. For such a machine & company, you would think digital controls in this day and age right? Nope, just hard to read black fonts on shinny silver thus making it even harder to read. Cuisinart, you have digital toaster ovens, why oh why would you kill this product with old analog controls? Even the timer ticks, ticks, ticks and is not accurate!

As an Air Fryer, it does work very well seeing that you need to use that on high temps of 425 to 450.

TOTAL let down so much so we needed to write about it and made a short video and put it on Amazon to warn others.

So after trying THREE units, both with the same issue, Cuisinart please feel free to contact us if you have one that actually works someday. This would could have been a great multi purpose over as the Air Fryer is all the rage right now.

breezinbyyou2 says:

Go to for some reviews. People like this air fryer toaster oven. I'm deciding whether to get it. My kitchen may be too small.

David Bott says:

Why are their no reviews on the Cuisinart TOA-60? Can't find one review for a product that seems to have been released, per Amazon, back in Aug 2016. Even Amazon has no reviews. Am I missing something? No reviews, no videos other then by the manufacturer. Very pondering to say the least seeing this seems to be a nice all in one machine vs the large standalone air fryers.

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